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How to use and maintain moisture-proof boards?


Damp proof boards cannot be directly used on furniture. Decorative paper should be pasted on the surface. The normal practice is to soak the decorative paper in melamine solution and then press it on through hot pressing. So, the boards we use for furniture are generally called melamine moisture-proof boards. Melamine is a solution that does not contain formaldehyde and is environmentally friendly. This way, it not only does not cause secondary pollution, but also reduces the release of the substrate inside. This treatment method has been recognized by everyone, and most of them are done in this way.

However, the surface treatment is also divided into good and bad, because the price of melamine solution is about 10 times that of other adhesives. Many people mix formaldehyde glue into the solution, which is not very environmentally friendly. Therefore, the board is also divided into full trimer and semi trimer boards, which is difficult for non professionals to recognize. The main focus is on the surface transparency. There are also differences in the steel plates used in the melamine veneer press, which can divide the surface effect of the board into smooth surface, pitted surface (coarse hemp, fine hemp, and velvet hemp), and relief surface (large relief and small relief).

During the use of moisture-proof board furniture, sharp objects should be avoided as much as possible, such as scratches, friction, and gravitational impact. When exposed to water, it should be wiped dry because it does not expand when exposed to water, but the expansion rate is very small. If exposed to moisture for a long time, it may also cause expansion and deformation. In addition, once the edge sealing material of the board falls off, it should be protected from moisture. These are some maintenance knowledge that need to be noted during use. If you want to purchase a product, please feel free to call.