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What are the structures and classifications of flame retardant boards?


Let me take you to understand the structure and classification of the company's flame retardant board!

Flame retardant board is a flame retardant board produced from wood as the main raw material. Due to its reasonable structure and fine processing during production, it can generally overcome the defects of wood and improve its physical and mechanical properties. At the same time, flame retardant plywood also overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary plywood that are easy to burn, effectively improving the flame retardant performance of plywood. Flame retardant board production is an important method to fully and reasonably utilize the properties of wood and wood.

Classification of flame retardant board:

One type is climate resistant, boiling water resistant, and non combustible plywood, which has the advantages of durability, high temperature resistance, and steam treatment.

The second type is water resistant, capable of immersion in cold water and short-term immersion in hot water.

The third type is moisture resistant and can be soaked in cold water for a short time, suitable for indoor use at room temperature. Used for furniture and general building purposes.

The fourth category is non moisture resistant and used indoors under normal conditions. The main materials used for designing general purpose flame retardant boards include basswood, ash, elm, and poplar.