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What are the classification forms of particle board?


Particle board can be used in a variety of aspects in building decoration, and its processing performance is good, and its structure is relatively uniform. It can be processed into large format boards according to needs. It is a good raw material for making furniture of different specifications and styles. The finished products do not need to be dried again, and can be used directly. Its sound absorption and sound insulation performance is also good. The edge sealing process of furniture made of particle board is very important. Because of its high density, the furniture made of it is relatively heavy compared with other boards.

According to the use: Class A particle board; Class B particle board.

According to the structure of particle board, it is divided into single-layer structure; Three layer structure; Gradual structure; Orientation; Waffle; Molded.

According to the manufacturing method: flat pressing; Squeeze.

According to the raw materials used: wood; Cotton stalk; Bamboo and other materials; Cement; Gypsum.

According to surface condition:

1. Unfinished: sanded plane; Not sanded.

2. Finish: Impregnated paper finish; Decorative laminate veneer; Veneer veneer; Surface finishing; PVC facing particle board, etc.