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Common sense of particle board


Particle board is a kind of artificial board formed by cutting, screening, mixing glue, adding waterproof agent, etc., and then forming by hot pressing; The board surface is flat, firm, and has high physical and mechanical strength, with consistent longitudinal and transverse strength; Sound insulation, mold prevention, economy, and insulation. Particle board

Its profile resembles a honeycomb shape, hence its name.

Advantages: The internal structure is a cross scattered granular structure, so the nail grip is good; The cost is cheaper than medium density board, and the formaldehyde content is much lower than large core board, making it one of the most environmentally friendly artificial boards. Previously, particle board was often used in engineering construction, but recently more and more

Used for decoration and furniture material selection.

Particle board is made by crushing various branches and buds into granules and then bonding under high pressure. Because its profile is similar to honeycomb, it is called particle board. Nowadays, most panel furniture internationally uses this type of panel, with the advantage that the interior is in a cross staggered structure of particles, so it is suitable for holding

Good nail strength, good lateral load-bearing capacity, and lower cost compared to medium density board, with much lower formaldehyde content than large core board; Relatively cheap price