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What is density board


Density board is one of the indispensable materials for home decoration and is widely used in furniture, home decoration, musical instruments, and packaging. So what is density board? What are the advantages and disadvantages of density board? Let's follow the editor and take a look!

What is density board

Density board is a type of board made by heating and pressing wood fibers or other plant fibers as raw materials. According to density, it can be divided into high-density board, medium density board, and low density board. They have the characteristics of uniform structure, fine material density, stable performance, impact resistance, and easy processing. Therefore, they are widely used in furniture, home decoration, musical instruments, and packaging.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of density board

1、 Advantages of density board

1. Density board is easy to finish and process, and various coatings and paints can be applied to it, making it the preferred substrate for painting.

2. Density board is a decorative board that can make the surface more comfortable and beautiful.

3. Wood veneer, printing paper, PVC, melamine impregnated paper, light metal sheet and other materials can be finished on the density board.

4. Hard density boards can be made into sound-absorbing boards by drilling holes, which are used in building decoration projects.

5. Good physical performance, uniform material, and no dehydration problem.

2、 Disadvantages of density board

1. The density board is not moisture-proof and tends to swell when exposed to water. Therefore, when using the density board to make baseboard, door jamb board and window sill board, paint must be applied to prevent deformation.

2. Density boards have a high expansion rate when exposed to water and are prone to deformation.

3. Because the fiber of density board is very broken, the nail holding force is much worse than that of solid board and particle board.

Tips for purchasing density boards:

1. Environmental protection

The free formaldehyde content of density board is generally divided into E0 level, E1 level, and E2 level. The E2 level formaldehyde release should be ≤ 5mg/L, and the E1 level formaldehyde release should be ≤ 1.5mg/L, which can be directly used for indoor decoration. The E0 level formaldehyde release should be ≤ 0.5mg/L. When choosing density boards, it is safer to purchase products with low formaldehyde emissions as much as possible.

2. Quality

When making a purchase. Pay attention to the quality of the density board. Check the cleanliness of its surface to see if there are obvious particles. If there are any, it not only affects the appearance of the density board, but also causes the paint film to detach.

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